Fardeen Iqbal


Derome Robinson

The mentorship division seeks to widen access to city careers. We know how it feels to come into a career focused environment like LSE and feel totally overwhelmed by the pressure, especially with many buzzwords flying around. We aim to simplify the process and provide guidance through round the clock support, creating resources and organising events.  We are particularly passionate about widening access for those from underrepresented backgrounds and levelling the playing field for all.

alumni relations

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Thushara Kantimahanti


Aaron Thomas

The Alumni Relations subcommittee has two key purposes: forging long-standing relationships between LSE alumni and the society, and connecting current students with experienced professionals in fields they aspire to work in. A cross-divisional subcommittee working with various companies across all industries, we organise Q&A panels, fireside chats, and many other exclusive networking events for members to gain invaluable first-hand insight into a variety of career paths. Most recently, we hosted an event where students could interact with representatives from BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse, DC Advisory, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley in order to learn more about careers in investment banking and sales and trading.

big conversations


Archie Bowman


technology & analytics


Jayan Menezes-Jackson

The Technology and Analytics division was recently been founded to develop the new website and platform of BIG.  With an increase in technology, we strive to establish a digital presence for one of the largest societies of LSE.

In addition, we aim to analyse how our members interact with the society to understand and improve the service we provide.

Advancement Committee


Alexandra Kovachka

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Zina Samawi

The Advancement Committee is a newly established branch of the Business and Investment Group. Its aim is to facilitate access to potentially interested students in Finance and encourage the involvement of underrepresented demographics.


It strives to develop channels between BIG and non-finance students to educate and further support them with the possibility of following a career path in this sector. Its core values rest on reaching a wider audience, offering the resources and skills BIG offers to that audience.



Carmen Lau


Twinkle Bhawani

The Marketing Team is one of the backbones of Business and Investment Group. Social Media is prevalent in everyone's ordinary life; therefore, we focus on connecting like-minded students through our posts to begin or continue students with their financial interests. We aim to maintain BIG's grounded reputation, professionalism and dedication, while creatively producing content linked to technical and professional skills that nurtures our members towards their desired profession.